Life Yoga

    A date with reality

    June 16, 2019

    *Please be aware. This post can be triggering for people who suffer or have suffered from an eating disorder. If this is your case, I sincerely hope you’re receiving all the support you need, and suggest you skip this read if you know you’re sensitive to this type of content.*

    There are multiple techniques to stop bingeing. 

    First, you’ll want to remove any trigger food from the house. But be aware: a wicked eating disorder will easily counter this by creating new weird food mixes, finding its way towards anything that resembles or contains sugar and fats. Hello, big spoons of homemade sunflower seed butter topped with raspberry jam at 1am. 

    So a second tactic would be to delay the binge. Any minute you can postpone it is a small victory which deserves to be celebrated. You can combine this technique with drinking down a tall glass of water, to help cool the craving beast for a while.

    Then there’s the set-up one. Instead of just gulping down whatever you find next to the fridge in a shameful manner, you acknowledge that there will be a binge. So you take your time to prep decently for the decadence of the thousands of calories you’re about to gobble. Place a proper table mat. Take out a cute plate. Go ahead, this is the perfect time to make a Martha Steward of yourself and utilize your grandma’s cutlery. Sit in front of the sliced bread, Nutella, chocolate candy bars and ice cream. And get yourself a first serving. By the time you get there, your anxiety probably got down a notch, and suddenly all this food seems a bit out of place for one person in one sitting.

    If you’re really into it, the master’s level is to sit in front of the mirror as you’re having your cake and eating it too. That in itself my friends, whether you’re suffering from an eating disorder or not, is next-level intimidating.

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