Un bonheur doux

    May 19, 2018
    Un bonheur doux

    Waking up in the sunlight with a soft smile on your face and a head full of gentle, delightful thoughts.

    No drama. Anxiety gone.

    Sunscreen that smells like ice cream.

    Oatmeal that tastes like cinnamon bun.

    The sun.

    A walk in the park. That same ease as you move through life.

    A new moon in Taurus. Planting the seeds for a lovely existence.

    Cultivating your garden. The space to welcome in the beauty of nature, of young children, of love.

    The warmth inside, the cold breeze of the early morning. Your heat wins.

    A rose quartz aura. A magnet for golden nuggets of joy.

    A heart filled up with compassion. A heart so big it takes it all in. A heart so strong it doesn’t need to be guarded anymore. A love for the moment, one more breath for the now.

    Beautiful people everywhere. As if there was any other way.

    Feeling at home in the street. At home as you arrive at work. At home and at peace. Your heart as the home. You are always welcome in.

    And then as if it wasn’t enough, that look in your eyes on that evening. My melting heart, as mellow as the center of the dark chocolate moist cake we share.

    Those are the little things that make life a sweet ride.

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