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    Cherry blossom

    March 16, 2018
    Cherry blossom

    The minute my ex-boyfriend left I was on Tinder. Like, literally.

    No time to waste? No, of course not. For sure, I wasn’t ready. Still. I just could not not resist the temptation to find love again as soon as possible, against all odds. I am too in love with love to lose hope.

    So there I was, as bumbly as ever, meeting with quite interesting guys. Pretending nothing was going on down there. Living from the heart up to the head, all in the lightness of the air.

    I was doing exactly what everybody else says not to. Give yourself some time. It’s too early. Rest.

    And you know what? They were wrong. It was exactly what I needed to do.

    Yes, I knew I wasn’t going to find my life partner doing so. And no, I was not there to find someone to sleep with. But see, I’m a huge fan of ahimsa, of non-suffering. If there is a way to ease things a bit, choose comfort of pain. And in that moment, looking at beautiful people full of hope of finding a partner was very, very comforting.

    Let me be clear: I wasn’t denying the sadness, the sorrow, the anger. I believe in paradoxes. Sadness and joy can go hand in hand as you are healing from a heartbreak. At that time, I needed to believe in love, and since I couldn’t find that spark inside, I had to reach out and get a little help. Thank you, Bumble.  Continue Reading

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