Pour clore en beauté

    September 5, 2019
    Pour clore en beauté

    I’ve tried. I started reading all of my old posts, editing, updating. It could’ve work, I can make it work, but it doesn’t feel right.

    It doesn’t feel respectful. Respectful to the 26-year-old version of me. To this passion project Dare To Be Jolly. It’s weird.

    DTBJ is a safe space I created to find my voice and express myself, to share my reflections and insights hoping to help someone feel a little bit less alone. I did so with a wide-open heart and a fearlessness. I’ve shared the good, the bad and the ugly, and I don’t regret any of it.

    But now it’s time to move on. This space has served me well, and I hope I gave back a bit to the patient reader who joined me for the ride.

    My desire to serve you all is as present if not stronger than before, except now I’m ready to show up IRL. More powerful and dedicated than ever.

    Through more than 200 articles, I’ve discovered a great deal about myself. It wasn’t the purpose, but it def has been the main outcome. Those posts have been a way for my intuition to share with me insights I wasn’t available to listen to otherwise. Even today, reading them again reminds me of how much the old saying you got all the answers inside you is true. Aka the answer is in the prayer.

    Four years ago, when I launched DTBJ, I was at lost. It took me weeks to figure out what the main topics would be. I had little idea where I was heading in life, what were my aspirations, goals and dreams, and my sense of identity was nowhere to be found. How far we’ve come along is quite impressive.

    I could keep on going, but honestly? I’m kind of done talking about myself. 200 posts is more than plenty. I’m not that’s interesting, neither is my life.

    Plus I’m concerned. The World Wide Web is a noisy, crowded place, and I feel sharing my rambling weekly convo with the Universe is adding more clutter than value.

    So here comes the sun. The freedom I wished for when I decided to choose happiness and be courageous. As I’m learning to let go, I feel the need to thank my darling too, to welcome a new decade free from the thought forms that occupied my mind in my twenties.

    Ce n’est pas un adieu, qu’un au revoir. I’ll be of service one way or another, but this time I don’t want to make it about myself. It’s all about you baby, and us, and how we can help each other thrive while saving this precious planet of ours.

    Do dare to be jolly. You showing up as your full luminous self is the greatest gift of all. Do choose happiness. Happiness is your right as a human being. Be courageous, always leading with the heart. And when you let go, you shall feel free.

    Sat Nam.

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