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    With purpose

    February 19, 2017
    With purpose

    Meditation, meditation, meditation. You’ve probably already heard about all the benefits of meditation. It reduces the psychological and physiological symptoms of stress, alleviates symptoms of anxiety, can improve sleep quality, improves your working memory, executive functions and activates brain regions involved in self-regulation, problem solving, adaptive behaviour and interoception. It can even enhance your levels of relationship satisfaction, closeness and acceptance with your girlfriend or boyfriend if both practice it! Definitely, you have to try it. So here we go, another thing to add to your to-do list.

    That’s exactly what I don’t need right now. I do not want to make my to-do even longer. I need to focus, there is no time to sit and wait for all those benefits to materialize themselves. I am so done with those “should”s. I want freedom and love.

    For this very reason, I’ve put aside meditation practice since I started yoga a good twelve years ago. It felt like an obligation, and like anything else in life you feel you should be doing but you’re not, I’ve been feeling guilty of procrastination. There is always something more fun to do, to think about than sitting on a cushion for 15 minutes, waiting for that delivering alarm to go off.

    I’ve tried it for a while, and I hated it. Therefore I just thought it wasn’t for me. Until I got the privilege to practice with wonderful teachers who made meditation fun again. Until I felt the need to sit down instead of running away. Until I felt the urge to face the truth. Continue Reading

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