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The 3 Cs of a queen

May 5, 2019
The 3 Cs

Thanks to Yogi Bhajan, I got out of this self-misery narrative I had been telling myself for several weeks now. Back to reality, and to the things that truly matter to me. 

I don’t know why, but it’s as if the whole Universe had conspired over the last few days to remind me how short life is. Those death meditations are indeed really working. Almost losing one of the people you love the most in a car accident too. 

So we get that: life is freakin’ awesome and a hell of a lot precious. Yet we still lose so much of it doing meaningless shit and wasting our time creating ourselves problems. Crazy how easy it is to forget we are the lucky ones here.

Take this week. On Wednesday, Guru Jagat suggested we focus on one thing, one thing only, to make our life easier: do not enter the neurotic world of [insert your favorite person’s name here, or even your own mind]. That’s it. 

I swear to God, it took no less than two hours after class before I caught myself playing mind-boggling games and getting into a fight. This was all my creation. Bravo, a beautiful mess. I def need to find something else than go on walks on Wednesday nights if I ever want to enter in a relationship. 

Seems like I needed even simpler instructions on how to manage my free time. Again, preach YB. 3 Cs to stay away from: Compete. Compare. Complain. 

How much time and energy you spend doing all of these every day? I know, mind blown. 

When you come to think about it, it’s so easy. Once you’ve realized how little they bring to your life, you just stop. 

You stop living in your head so much, because those 3 Cs are actually a result of pictures, reflections and thought forms you’re creating with that magnificent mind of yours, all non-reality. You then return to the real deal, and start interacting again with the world around you.

Less time complaining about the damn prime minister with your co-workers, more time giving whatever project you’re working on all you’ve got. Less time comparing your booty to Insta babes’, more time dancing to the Queen B’s Homecoming documentary. Less time wondering if your relationship fits the mold, more time fucking. Speaking from experience here, except for point 3 (see, I need to up my Wednesday night game to get there).   

I promise: it will give you so much more energy. So you can focus on the 3 other Cs, the ones we want more of: to be Caring. Compassionate. Conscious. 

Those pave the path for a life well-lived. How much do you care about others? How many connections have you made today? How full is your breath? How present were you today? How can you be more and more conscious every step of the way? 

As you do so, shall the rest follow. You won’t need to compete anymore to move forward and get further, as it really doesn’t matter how productive or seductive you are. Success is never define by how much you get done. It’s about your presence and the radiance of your aura. 

Nobody cares how many albums Beyoncé sold. She’s not Beyoncé because of that metric. She won’t be remembered for it. It’s only a result of the energy and fierceness she brings to the world. She cares, she’s compassionate and she’s fully present in all she does. She’s not wasting any second looking left or right to see what others are doing. She keeps her head high and dances way past the sun sets to perfect her moves for a show only she could ever envision and create. 

That’s success. Get off the achievement wheel, stop the run and take a deep breath. In the end no one cares how much you’ve done, it’s about what you brought to the world. How much joy and happiness and creativity and bliss and love did you bring? That’s your true legacy. 

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