Adventures in your own backyard

June 11, 2018
Adventures in your own backyard

Sometimes the best stories happen when you expect them the least. Sometimes the solution to that damn problem is hanging there just under your nose. Sometimes we are so used to the same patterns we can’t even recognize when magic happens right in front of us. The simple things that make the ordinary so mundane are often the ones where reside the most potential.

At every second things are moving one way or another. We are never quite the same. Everything is always changing. Yet we are craving more stimulation. Just like a strawberry that tastes blend after some heavy lifting pops, we forgot how wonderful each breath is. We are looking for our next sugar high.

I get my fix thinking about new ideas. Creativity is my drug of predilection. To be more precise, it is actually the study of creativity rather than performing any form of it that gets me excited. I want to get backstage. I want to learn what happens when someone gets an idea, how an idea appears, finds momentum or gets killed. I want to know how to take your idea and innovate, create a business model around it and sale it.

Through my Master’s cursus, I had the privilege to dive deep with some of the best teachers in the field. I met some smart people, and by smart, I mean smart AF. Needless to say, they knew what they were talking about. Or did they?

For sure, they had plenty of theories about creativity. They could talk to you for hours about the processes and methods. They had written tons of papers reviewed by peers in academic journals. Yet, to this day, the ones I am most impressed by are still those doing it. The lead business experts, passionate entrepreneurs. The ladies and gentlemen who had been in the trenches. The creative thinkers and visionaries who had fight and fail, who were and are in it for the long run.

I envy them. I get jelly because they are doing it, just like I am always a bit green-eyed in my PR role when I am talking about someone else’s cool project, telling a story about this other gal who had the courage to show up and do the work.

So what do they have that I don’t? I have to study more to know. Or do I?

At this point, I know I don’t. More knowledge won’t equal more wisdom. To become wise I have to take a risk. And the risk is to stop using the head so much and start leading with the heart. 

It’s a big gamble. After 28 years of cohabitation, I got to know a bit more my head and my heart. The first is amazing at getting things done in a very efficient manner and at delivering results. She’s quite impressive, a smart lady you might call her. The latter is so slow it’s painful. She wants to take everyone in for a big group hug, she just feels so much, loves so much. How could she be of any good?

So eager to live more, faster, bigger, the mind was my champion. My passion for creativity comforted me into my belief that the ones with exciting lives were the ones with big ideas. This week something clicked. Blame it on Uranus shifting into Taurus, and one hell of a teacher. I finally understood that the best insights were not to be found up in the clouds, but down at the grassroots level.

If you are a human being, that translates as your body. Your body as the soil. A land that needs to be moved, nourished, taken care for. Ground that needs attention and love. And breath.

Then, if you get lucky, maybe some day one little seed will get planted by some mysterious gardener (you know who – wink wink). It will be sowed in a very special lot, that has the shape of a heart. That is only the beginning, nothing is set at this point. To give it a chance to grow, you have to keep on feeding the soil to feed the plant. Eventually, if you do so, maybe the seed will grow.

This seed might become your passion. Just like The Little Prince and his rose, if you care so much about your plant it will partly be because of the time and energy you will have spent watching over it.

Only later, maybe even years sometimes, will you maybe, maybe, get to rip off the fruits of all your labor into the form of one, two, a handful of juicy ideas. They will taste good, delicious even, and you will want to take advantage of them as much as possible. Purees, pies, crisps: enjoy the harvest season.

Go ahead and splurge, because you know what producers have to do if they want to keep adding some sweetness to their lives? They have to extract the seeds of the fruit and start all over again.

I don’t think they care though. Because what their only true love is the land. They actually enjoy more taking care of the land than anything else. The fruits are just cherries on top of their life sundae. They understand that the ground is the foundation of the roots, and that the true gifts of nature, what matters most, is not always what’s get exposed to the sun.

I’ve been looking a bit too closely at the fruit without taking a look at the ground, being afraid of getting my hands dirty in the mud. I think I’m ready to start my garden and see what happens when I try to live off my own inner land. I might be a fallow field for a while, which will drive the farmer head crazy, but my intention is to let wild nature get her place back into my backyard.

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