All you got

April 15, 2018
All you got

“It’s not about what you have or what you do, it’s about who you be.” Unfortunately, I don’t remember much from my Landmark forum, but that sentence stuck and has been following me for more than three years now.

For sure, it sounds cliche. Yet, I stil believe all you’ll ever need to know is summarize in those few plain words.

The more I study it, the more I discover how deep this simple statement is and the profound impact it can have in my life as I dive into shadow work.

As we first step into the world, our first instinct will tend towards dreaming of money, power, and glory. Eventually, we soon realize money won’t bring you happiness. Then after hustling our way through at work, we become aware that although our job can be fun and fulfilling, it can never get close to defining us as we are such complex beings. Soon enough we age, and we understand that we are more than our external shell, and that beauty is not an asset we can count on forever.

We get those insights, often to fall right back into the trap sometime or other. So we rinse and repeat, until we almost believe that we are moving beyond those associations, not mistaking the Seen with the Self as much.

“Drgdarsana saktyo ekatmata iva asmita.” —Yoga Sutra II.6

We slowly understand on a deeper level that we are much more than the labels, the things we possess, the titles we accumulated. Oh, we are getting there. We are definitely awakening, soon enlightened. Right?

That’s only the beginning my friends. That’s when the work gets even more interesting. As we start to believe we are not attached anymore to any of this, we get little lessons from the Universe showing us how deep these limiting beliefs are integrated into our expectations towards life, and mostly towards ourselves. These concepts are ingrained in our human experience. Our minds keep showing their patterns through our recurrent thoughts. Our work, no matter who and where we are, is to learn how to deal and overcome with these disincentives living in our head.

“The only real obstacle is to deal with the crap in your head.” – Dr. Sasha Heinz

Everything that comes your way is an opportunity sent by the Universe to play with you. Will you take it as an experiment, a chance to observe how you react or will you get caught up in the midst of the game?

I did, I do, and for sure I will do again. I know I am not my work, yet I was still looking for a deeper meaning, a purpose, a calling, a way to be of service. I know I am not defined by my relationships, yet I am still looking to find my person, catching myself dreaming about becoming a mom, that moment when I will finally be whole.

My pattern is to exit the present moment dreaming about a better future, a future I get soon attached to. As if what I already have isn’t enough. As if I was not enough. Even though I feel blessed, filled with gratitude, there is still a part of me that resists, a burning desire for always more.

If I do nothing to burn its seed, this fire will consume me.

Therefore I sit still, and wait, and be. In the moment I find peace. In peace I find joy. In joy I find love. In love I sit. In love I am, because I am already love. Coming full circle.

That’s my devoted practice. Yoga is all about anchoring. You learn to set your foundations so you can extend your spine, and create space for your breath. That’s the whole point of yoga. No breath, no yoga. Yoga, life, life, yoga. All the same. You set your foundations in the now so you can create space for the breath. No breath, no life.

I used to think I had to chase after things, but without the anchor there is nowhere to go. What’s that box you gonna check that will finally make you feel great about yourself? What you are looking for to fill you up, to satiate your hunger for always more, will never do.

When you be is when you feel whole. Paradoxically, that’s exactly the place from where you are going to create the most amazing stuff. That’s where the magic happens, when manifestation occurs.

Your only, ever truly work is to be present to yourself, to your experience. I mean really, now, right here, not wishing for a future that will never be yours. Only from that place of peace and comfort and serenity can you hold space for whatever needs to unfold and happen. Trust that the thing, the idea, the project, the inspiration will show up in that space you created for it. You are the container, the vessel. You got to be so the Universe can pour in all you need to create and expand. Only when you accept the temporary discomfort of sitting with your shadow for a while will you feel it.

Do you feel it? I feel it, too. You are now stepping into your true power. The world is yours, because you are already the world.

It’s all you got, and all you’ll ever need.

“Angels speak of a thing called bliss. Close your eyes all you got is this.” – Trevor Hall

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