How to become rich

January 29, 2017
How to become rich

Really? You really want to become rich? I get it. I do to. Not so much because of a strong desire for luxury shoes and a big TV screen, more because of this freedom that often comes with money. While waiting to win the $55 million Lotto-Max price, I am dreaming of what it would feel like to never have to work again, to travel all around the globe and to practice yoga from sunset ‘til sunrise.

Then I pause for a moment to realize that even without having won the lottery, I am pretty lucky . That I really do feel super rich these days, and that my life is quite fun. That I feel great and strong, beautiful and free.


More, more and more please!

When I was a kid, I always wanted to go shopping. I couldn’t stop thinking about expanding my wardrobe. I was drawing clothes, I was cutting out paper dolls, dressing them with those clothes I had designed for this very purpose. What I love about playing with Barbies was the dressing up part. My Barbie never actually got out of the house, of if she did it was because she had to put on another outfit eventually for a specific activity. In first grade, I painted my nails every day to match my outfit. In sixth grade, I learned to sew. In secondary three I was wearing high heels and refused to have a back pack because it wasn’t stylish. In secondary five my final International School project was a fashion magazine where I pose (first and last day of my top model career) with recycled clothes I made myself. By the time I was eighteen, I had more boots than fingers and toes to count them on. When I moved in with my boyfriend, clothes were a big issue for me. He cleaned a huge storage when he used to place his multiple bikes to design a “knee-in” (we couldn’t stand up in this room) where I could hide and pretend I was a star when preparing my clothes for the next day.

If I would’ve had more money back then, no doubt it would have been spent on clothes (or shoes. Or bags. Or jewelry). The more the better I thought. I was piling up clothes until I began to declutter my wardrobe . I fell into that trap of passionate cleaning, and it spread to my house, my kitchen cabinets, my computer files, and eventually got back to my wardrobe. I started to reverse the equation. After five, six, seven major clean-ups, I finally got to fit all my clothes into a normal two-door wardrobe instead of that big three-door + a dresser + an armoire.


Follow the trend: declutter your life

You know what? I never felt so rich. Everyday I feel like I am wearing a winner’s outfit. No more days feeling comfortable but as ugly as a monkey’s bum. The more space I create, the more I see what is there to be seen, all the beautiful things I already had that were hidden by those humongous piles of clothes I didn’t want anymore but was afraid to let go, just in case I might one day need them.

Inspired by how much easier my life had become clothes wise, I decided to deal with my FOMO and unsubscribed from all the wellness/fitness/creative entrepreneurs’ newsletters I was receiving daily. My inbox was loaded with those and every day I was off, I spent at least two hours while eating breakfast going through all of those slow-cooker recipes I would never get to do or workout moves I didn’t have time to try. So I let go. I kept only those I was looking forward to receive and truly happy to read. I cannot say how much I love the space I created in my weekend mornings that I can use now to learn new things reading real books instead of useless articles written to receive as many clicks as possible.


Become rich

But what’s the point? You aren’t any richer than when you started reading right, and didn’t learn anything to get you on track yet, I know. Because the point is, and I know it’s cheesy, you already are. You are the diamond that is waiting to be polished, but unlike the diamond, you also are the jeweler that can do the job. You are the rock, and you are the sculptor revealing the beauty hidden by nature. You are the one who can create a masterpiece with your life.

“Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without.” – Confucius

In order to do so, don’t think of things you need to add to your life, to yourself, to grow bigger. Focus on how much you can let go of, the unnecessary weights you are carrying on with you. Choose one direction, and follow it with devotion.

That’s for me the pure essence of voluntary simplicity, and the only way to truly become rich.



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