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September 2, 2017
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Usually, it pops up. I just know. The title appears, and there it is. The whole blog post unfolds. I just know. I know that it is what I need to say, I know that’s what you need to hear. In more than two years, it never failed.

Expect for today. Today I don’t know. Today I don’t know anymore what to say, what to tell you. Because all of a sudden, it seems so clear, so bright. The Moon is shining.

These days, I am learning tons about our Universe, us, our energy, our minds, our souls. Nature, water, life. It is big, I’m telling you. It is expansive. My perspective on things is evolving at light-speed. The Universe is expanding, and so I am. Like crazy.

So what is there for me to tell you when I know now how much words are limiting? How much nothing really matter expect for the love and happiness I feel so strongly in my heart? What is there left to write about when I am finally accepting to let go of my past, accepting my imperfections, moving forward away from my week’s, month’s, years’ struggles?

Not much. Everything is pretty much said at this point. The Universe has your back. F*ck fear. Trust your intuition. Find your sweet spot and taste your way through life. But first and foremost, get into alignment.

My message is clear and simple. Even before Iistening to any of these podcasts, I knew. Choose happiness. Be courageous. Live free.


Choose happiness

Happiness is a choice, and a definitely courageous one. Choose happiness. Make it your priority. If there is no joy, there is simply nothing. Do you. That’s why so many people out there are preaching self-love. Be careful though. Self-love sounds great to me when it’s simply another way to love whatever we are part of, because as you know already I believe we are one. Therefore loving yourself means appreciation for the life within yourself, which is the same as the life outside yourself. Makes sense? There is no point to loving yourself if it means loving the little box called your ego, what you identify to, what tries to protect you from expanding and living free, what keeps you in fear. Be bold. Be large. Dare to love yourself above and beyond this life span.

Why is it so important? Taking care of yourself is the first step. If you are empty, there is nothing to give. If you want to contribute, to make a difference, get happy first. Bringing your energy level up, being in that high vibration, is already a lot. I love Jess Lively 80-20 rule: 80% alignment/20% work. Get aligned first. Do things that bring you joy. Spend most of your time getting there, and once you are all pumped up, do the work. That’s what I call efficiency.


Be courageous

Told you. To choose happiness is one courageous act. It means you decide to move beyond fear to follow your intuition, to let yourself be guiding by this deep and burning desire to contribute from a place of love, to be aligned with the Universe and expand as much as it does.

This means you are going to have to let go. Let go of what sucks and be ready to get onboard with what it means to be alive. Let go of security and embrace fear. Have faith, even if it’s not rational, and trust that whatever is out there will take care of you if you take care of yourself too.

My advice on that one? Baby steps my friends. Baby steps. Go in one bite at a time, as Martha Beck says: taste your way through life. Just like a baby who learns to navigate her way into the world, put everything in your mouth and feel if it tastes sweet or toxic. Then slowly make choices to only eat dessert. Just kidding. Eat your veggies too. But be that picky eater, that recovered dieter, who will only eat the most nourishing, tasty foods, because you’ve worked so hard to get where you are, and you must stay on track. Plus you never know if it’s going to be your last meal, so better make it a good one.


Live free

Not there yet, which makes it a bit more difficult to talk about it. However, I feel like I am getting glimpses of what it is like to be free. When I am able to let go of that guilt. When I am able to not give a f*ck about the fact that I’ve put on weight. When I am completely present to my boyfriend. When I feel so connected with the Universe. When I don’t feel alone anymore.

That’s freedom. I used to think it was about money, being done with school, being able to retire and travel the world. I used to think being free was about not having any responsibility. I now realize freedom is about having the courage to make the choices you need to make to be happy here and now. Freedom is about creating the space within your home, body, heart to breathe, because with space comes time. Freedom is being able to feel the multiple physical, emotional, spiritual layers that compose every being, just like a 3D puzzle, without trying to understand it rationally.

Freedom is about being okay to write down things that don’t make that much sense, no worry about any conclusion, and just go out and play. Life’s out there. See you at the beach.

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