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Center of the Universe

May 20, 2017
Center of the Universe

Milk n Bone. If you haven’t heard of this fabulous group, you have to. They are the next big thing. A 100% Mile-End product. We do some pretty amazing stuff in Montreal, and Milk n Bone is the perfect example of the creativity of the city. Their music is magical, their voices are so soothing I could keep on listening to them over and over.

Which is why I felt so blessed to be able to attend a very intimate concert at my yoga studio. I was of course first row, right next to the girls. It was a wonderful performance, and as the music was getting more and more into our bodies, as we were practicing with more intensity, the heat just got over the top.

There were drops of sweat all over my mat. I was so into the whole experience that I did what I rarely do: I took off my shirt to practice in my sports bra. Please don’t judge me. I wasn’t the only one daring to practice in a Free-to-be-wild lulu bra. Trust me, it was as warm and as humid as the Amazonian forest.

Half of me was celebrating the liberation of my tummy. Or maybe more like a quarter of me, since the rest of my mind was focused on wondering how my stomach was looking with those shorts and that bra in that position. Every time I was transitioning from one asana to the other, I wasn’t anymore thinking about where to put my feet and hands. Most of my attention was going to that mid-section as I was trying to find a way to suck my belly in.

There was one song left when I realized I hadn’t listen at all to the last part of the show. I was so self-conscious that I had missed this very unique opportunity to enjoy the music of one of my favorite bands. How small was that?

It leads me to wonder how many more moments have I lost gazing at my navel. How many bonding experiences have I passed by because I was too preoccupied by the way I look, worried about what other people might think?

What a fool. As if I was the Center of the Universe. As if everyone cared about the way I look, about what I say. It’s so not about me. It has nothing to do with me. I am (good for you) not the Sun. I am not ruling your life. In fact, I can only try, hope, to be as amazing as a shooting star in your life.

I’m sure we can all plead guilty of doing it, of only think about our own self, obsessed about our beautiful navel. It’s only once we dare to look up that we realize all that we’ve missed. We too often forget to raise our eyes to gaze at the horizon. We forget to see what is going on outside our small bubble, we forget that the true beauty rests in everything that is surrounding us.

So stop being so self-conscious: nobody cares about your six-pack, or lack of. Stop wasting your time, lift your eyes up, go out there and shine, be open, do something fabulous that will make us all forget about that muffin top.

Close your eyes and just listen to Milk n Bone. They will show you the way.

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