Deep dark love

November 18, 2017
Deep dark love

Tonight is the New Moon. This one is very special for me, as the Moon will be in Scorpio, my Sun sign. With Venus also in Scorpio, the dark and profound welcomes the love and beauty. Can we find in the darkest night of the lunar cycle the ability to open our heart to both the sweetness and warmth of love and the depth of death and rebirth?

I believe we can. In fact, I believe we have no other choice but to open our heart to both at the same time. It is a time to reflect inside to uncover our deepest desires, shine some light to them with love and kindness. It is a time to integrate those parts of us we like to hide, and surrender to the beauty of our vulnerability. It is a time to accept our human nature, however understanding that we are still part of this one, unique, magnificent Universe.

As we open our heart to both the light and the darkness, we can finally discover that there is only one love. One strong, powerful love. No matter where we are, no matter the circumstances of our life, in the deepest shadows or in the warmest rays of the sun, we will always be able to rely on this sacred part of ourselves that incorporate both. They are intertwined. We cannot feel the magnificience and the highest vibrations of love without accepting the conflicting and strong desires that inhabited us. It is when we bring both together in a sacred union that we reach our full potential.

No need to say: my intention for this New Moon is love. Love in all our relationships: to ourselves, to those we spend our time with, to all living beings, to the Universe. Love in all its various and twisted ways. Love as the one and unique purpose we will ever need.

In this intense Scorpio season, I invite you to reach out and make connections. Share what you’ve learned from your inner travels. Use your vulnerability to create unique bonds. They say, as within so without, as above so below. However, as we can remind ourselves these days, there is really no without. We all are parts of one beautiful within. The darkness in you is the darkness in me. You are only as fragile as I am. No need to be afraid. Let’s shed the shame, feel our strongest desires and let our one big heart guide us through the ebbs and flows of this new lunar cycle.

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