Ease into it

December 2, 2017
Ease into it

Over the last week, I have been feeling very lonely. I could, I can, I do complain a lot about my situation. To my family, my friends, even to myself. After a week in that not-so-great state of mind, I realize it really doesn’t get me anywhere. Even though I get all the attention and care from my loved ones, I respond with anger and rudeness. I am being an asshole to them, which I have no excuse for, because even if I am going through a lot of stuff at the moment, there is no need to be uncaring. I just can’t receive their love, because right now, I am not loving myself at all.

I have a choice though. Within that very same situation, I can either win or lose : the choice is mine. Two ways to win, one way to lose. To win, I can make the choice to accept the situation as it is, or I can choose to refuse the actual state of things and change it to make it fit my desires and needs. To lose is to do neither of those. Rejecting the situation, but doing nothing to change it.

I refuse to lose. I am way too lucky to complain. Therefore I choose to accept. I welcome the situation, whatever I am going through right now, with as much grace as I possibly can. I make the tiny whiny voice in my head shut up. Because any voice that defeats you is not your higher self. Thank you Liz Gilbert for reminding us.

When you feel defeated, the answer is always love. Always, love. More and more love. Towards myself, and towards others. No matter what you’ve done, no matter where you are, I don’t care: I love you.

Choosing to love doesn’t mean you sit still and do nothing. Accepting the current state of things doesn’t mean you are not also looking forward for some changes, and putting into action your intentions. We tend to think they are both opposite, while in fact they beautifully complement each other. The slight difference lies in attachment vs desire. I own strong desires regarding how I want my life to feel like, what I am moving forward too. However, I don’t cling to them. In fact, I am not whatsoever attached to these results. I don’t crave them as if I was deeply deprived. My ego is not in the way, it’s not its list of things I want for Christmas that I am reaching for. My actions are deeply aligned with my soul purpose, and love is fueling my work. Already full, my heart attracts more and more of that positive energy, and change unfolds.

Therefore I win. But it’s a win-win situation. You can win too. We can all win. We win when we become free of external pressures. We win when we can let go of our ego’s will to be fully present and aware of all we already own. We win when the only changes we are looking for are meant to unleash our creativity and liberate our soul. We win because we love.



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