Go big or go home

June 30, 2017
Go big or go home

They say you should never put all your eggs in one basket. They also say you should go big or go home. I don’t know who they are, but damn I do listen to them. I put my eggs everywhere, as if I was planning on an Easter egg hunt, which leads me to go big and work a lot more than I need to. I am one good citizen paying my fair share of taxes with those multiple occupations.

The great thing about this egg hunt situation is that I get to learn so much about so many things that it cross-fertilized. What I learn in school I use at work, what I learn in yoga I use in school, what I learn at work I use in my everyday life. Everything is in everything. It opens up my mind and nourishes my creativity. I get to make connections between very different subjects and themes, and I get to make them faster and faster as I learn more and more in each occupation.

The whole point though of going big is to go all the way, and do whatever you are doing to its fullest. When I put my eggs in different baskets, I don’t get to do that. I am pretty much all over the place. I get to be part of so many things, yet I don’t get to go all in in one of them. I am the sun shining over all those projects, when what we need is the power of a laser to cut though the clouds and bring true value (Yes, I am comparing myself with the sun: the girl does take herself seriously).

Now is the time to converge. After having tried a lot of the things on my bucket list, I need to start focusing more and even though I don’t like it, I do have to make a choice. The task ahead is humongous, and I will need all of my energy to achieve my goal. I cannot keep on spilling it here and there. Even if I am afraid. Even if I’d rather never choose one option over the other.

At some point, we all have to make that decision of leaving behind our comfort zone. We have to stop doing the things we are good at, and even the things we are excellent at, so we can be in our Zone of Genius as Gary Hendricks calls it. That’s where the magic happens. That’s where everything comes together, body, mind, soul, to create something truly unique.

If you never dare to put all your eggs in the same basket though, you will never ever get to make the world-record omelette . And as they say, you cannot make an omelette without breaking some eggs.

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