Heart wide open

April 29, 2017
Heart wide open

Some say there are only two emotions: love and fear. I don’t tend to agree. I believe there is a wide variety of emotions, with lots of shades and nuances. What I do believe though is that love and fear are the primary drivers in our lives. Emotions is just not the proper word to describe these two conflicting forces.

After years of being driven by fear, I started the year with a powerful mantra: heart wide open. Strong in my body, confident about my career, happy in my life, I was ready to experience something new, or more rediscover what was here already. What a breakthrough.

When things got harder, when I felt like closing up, I gently repeated to myself my mantra. Slowly, things shifted. My energy moved from my head to my heart, and now sits comfortably between my third eye, my heart and my root chakra.

I know. I am talking about chakras. There is nothing rational about it, I can’t prove it scientifically. I just feel it. That’s what happens when you start leading your life from the heart.

I’m getting scared actually. Can you be too open-hearted? I’m starting to feel all those things, things my mind can’t make sense of. It is quite powerful. I feel the energy within and surrounding me. I believe I can let myself be guided by my intuition and the messages the Universe sends me. What a relief.

Being authentic is fun. In fact, I’m having so much fun I’m afraid about what I might do. It’s very hard to keep quiet when your heart screams so loud. Once you tasted what it feels like to be you, it’s hard to pretend. It’s though to keep quiet and not speak up to defend your convictions. It’s a challenge to keep on working on things you don’t believe in. Playing the game doesn’t make any sense anymore.

Maybe some will say I’m crazy. It’s hard to claim that there is this energy around, that we share a Universal Soul, that we are all part of the same beating heart. It’s not an easy task to affirm that you believe in the Divine in this era where modern science is God, where we believe that we are better, that we know it all.

But what if we were only arrogant fools? What if what I feel but cannot prove was the real thing? Then I’d rather be crazy. Crazy to believe that there is more than we can define, more than we can control. Crazy to hope that we aren’t alone, that we are all part of something bigger than ourselves. Crazy to slowly let fear behind and move towards love.

If I am crazy then, so be it. That’s an amazing gift indeed. I believe the world needs more crazy people inspired by joy, full of love. What a wonderful world this would be.



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