Holy anger

November 12, 2017
Holy anger

You have the right to be angry.

I know, they tell you you’re not pretty when you are. They tell you it’s okay to cry, but please keep quiet. Let the tears fall slowly, softly down your cheeks. Don’t make too much waves. Real women know how to cry.

I am that pretty girl crying. Tears come to me so much more easily than rage. As soon as I feel the fire inside, I become Temperance. I cool down the fire with my own sweet water. I become that delicate and vulnerable beautifully crying lady.

I am not that delicate and vulnerable beautifully crying lady. I am not pretty anymore. All there is now is anger. I breathe deeply to calm my temper, but I do not want to suppress it.

My anger is sacred. It’s showing me how much depth there is to my being. It’s telling me that I am not one or the other, I am not either full of joy or filled with sadness. In between, on that large spectrum of emotions, we found somewhere in there anger. Between the high, full vibrations of joy and the low, quiet, vibrations of depression and sadness lies anger.

Anger is already a step forward. It’s already bringing up more energy to the physical and subtile bodies. Anger is the bridge between depression and what comes next. After lying down, swallowed in the sea of our emotions, completely depleted, anger the first sign that we are now ready to move on. We will not let that upheaval, whether it is death, a loss, or whatever violent change it can be, have the best of us. We are now strong enough to wake up in the midst of that painful experience and reclaim our right to be fully alive, no matter how much we hurt.

Like the Hanged man, we stay fully present, even in difficult times. It allows us to go through Death, and emerge with the confidence we need to look at the Star and trust our intuition. As we move through this intense part of the Major Arcana in Tarot, we learn that there can be some positive transformation in any sudden and tough change. It can be both at the same time.

I feel anger is the same. For sure it can cause a lot of damage if you let it take over you, but it can morph into something beautiful. Anger is that life inside you screaming that yes, life is unfair, yes, there is injustice, and that yes, you deserve to feel better than now.

Celebrate your anger. Welcome it as a friend who has a clear message to deliver. Create the space it needs inside to feel taken care of. Anger is that part of you that wants to be alive. It’s showing you the way towards self-love, higher vibrational states, the ones you are looking forward to.

So hang in there my friends. Become that fireplace to your anger. Do not feed the fire, but use it to keep you warm and bring you light when the nights get longer and the dark gets deeper. Let it make you feel at home.

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