Life as an adventure

October 2, 2015
Life As An Adventure

We’re creatures of habit. Habits help us get through the day. They take out the stress and fatigue that come with having to make decisions from dawn to dusk.  Lots of successful people know the deal : they choose to wear the same suit everyday . Eliminate those small unimpactful decisions, focus on what truly matters, like being president of America.

However, we’re not all running for president of the United States. Wearing navy suits every day does get boring.  Plus, although we can definitely benefit from the idea of simplifying our lives, there’s a point where our habits become our routine, and our routine becomes our one way to go through life. Zombie style. A well-dressed zombie, still on autopilot.

That’s when we start missing out on some of the wonders of nature and life.

How can we find the proper balance between great habits that are beneficial to us, like exercising, eating lots of fruit and vegetables, and sleeping enough, and a routine that makes us forget how beautiful, blissful and bountiful life is?

Establish a routine as a frame

Based on my dream vision, I chose to separate my time between the things that’ll get me closer to my ideal future. Establishing a routine helps me make sure I schedule time to see my family, get in touch with my friends, energize with exercise, get some work done and then relax with yoga.

I see my routine as a frame. My energy and my time are limited. I want to make sure I get the most out of it (perfectionist/hyperactive self talking here),with what matters the most to me.

Explore within that frame

Once the frame is set, I get to explore within it, and I make sure I am always open to new experiences while performing the different activities I chose. Just like every day at work is different for me (I’m pretty lucky, my job is quite creative), just like every yoga class is different, since I am always learning something new, just like every dinner with a friend is different, since we’re always evolving, my life can still be pretty much exciting within that frame. And since I love every activity I chose, I’m always eager to wake up to the new day and what it has to offer.

Within that frame, creativity flies. Despite having the privilege of freedom and choice, we all have constraints to deal with to satisfy our basic human needs : a roof on our heads, food on the table, family and friends to be with.

To answer those, we have to get to work. That can be a constraint for most of us, but there is for sure a way to make it fun, learn, and enjoy it while doing so.

The more we limit ourselves, the more we can get creative. That’s one of the possibilities of the frame: how can we make our life exciting while having to respond to the constraints imposed by the very nature of it?

Playing, exploring life like a child, seeing the bright side of things, transforming problems into challenges, those are all ways I find to get creative on a daily basis. And that’s what makes me enjoy my “routine”.

Break the routine

Then forget about what I said.

Once your routine is well-established, break it. Do something spontaneous. Your routine is not a regimen, it’s there to help you get things done, but once in a while, I’d say at least once or twice a month, do something you’re not used to. Try something new. Take risks. Say yes when you would usually say no. Don’t think, just do it, now.

Breaking habits may seem easier than it is. We do get stuck into our routine. We get used to doing things a certain way, and as insecure beings, we find comfort in doing the same thing the same way over and over again. We know it’s going to work, we know what to expect, and we don’t want it to change. Uncertainty is freakin’ scary. But we can deal with it

Life’s out there, out of your Snuggies and comfort zone. What’s your most vivid memory of the last year? Do you remember getting to work on that morning on March 14th, do you remember that day? I bet you mostly remember the moments you weren’t doing exactly the same thing you do every day.

The trips, the big family gatherings, the huge events. Those are the highs of our lives. We need some of these special moments to. They’re not what will necessarily get us closer to realize our dream vision (our routine structures us so we do the work to get there) but the crazy dreams, the wild adventures deserve their place into our journey. They can become our journey. And we have to create space for them to happen.

Let’s make your life an adventure. Be spontaneous. Get into the wild. Get outside. Get out there. That’s where the magic happens.

If you are looking for inspiration to break your routine, I recommend watching that Ted Talk from Mel Robbins on getting out of autopilot mode and create the amazing life you deserve.

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