Life is a club sandwich

June 17, 2016
Life is a club sandwich

Walking back home from yoga on a Thursday evening. As I am arriving, I notice through one of my neighbors’ window  (I love watching in people’s home, I love picturing what their life might be like, create stories about them, imagine what it feels to live in someone else’s shoes) a toaster on the counter.

And that toaster is my madeleine de Proust. All of a sudden, I am travelling back into the past, back to a casual Friday night with my parents and my sister in our house in the suburbs. That night, we were preparing together club sandwiches. My father was the master of the toaster, I was responsible of the mayonnaise. In between two batches of toasts, I was helping him cut the tomatoes. The pre-cooked bacon had already been warmed up, and the chicken was a leftover. My sister was setting up the table, and my mother was just getting out of the shower, coming back from a long day at work.

When preparing club sandwiches, timing is everything. And we were rocking it. As soon as the toasts were up, we were ready. Years of experience in quality control in a factory had led my father to be a real king of the assembly line, and he was coaching me to create the master piece our dinner would be. In less time than it takes to order it in a deli, we were ready to serve the product of our work.

It wasn’t fancy. The tablecloth was not the one we were using when hosting big family dinners. Our napkins were in paper. But it did not matter. We were together. And that made that club sandwich the best one I ever ate.

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  • Reply October 14, 2016 at 0 h 39 min

    Excellent article, kolhakavod!The flódni we sent was no virtual flódni: it was the real thing. The President liked it, he even took the leftovers home to share at dinner with his wife.Cheers,Shadai (Bruno)

  • Reply kreditkarten vergleich sparkasse October 19, 2016 at 15 h 15 min

    Thank you & WOW! Just wow! I’ve admired Richard Branson for years. How amazing it is that all of your desires are coming to fruition. I’m doing my happy dance for you! : )

  • Reply hausratversicherung provinzial preis November 5, 2016 at 5 h 45 min

    deena – I can’t believe there is only one more day. I always look forward to you posts they make me smile and sometimes cry..I look forward to your comments as much as I do the pictures.Great Job Keith!

  • Reply jungunternehmer kredit rechner February 8, 2017 at 15 h 23 min

    Living in hope that you have started to get through to politicians the realities of life for us all Bendy Girl.Well done on taking that small window of opportunity at the conference and opening it up to let Miliband see the wide view of what these Welfare reforms have actually done. Power to ya girl xx

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  • Reply March 27, 2017 at 13 h 38 min

    Wonderful art work! As your other art works are, for sure. And a very talented group as well… thanks for sharing!Best regards,Roberta from Ljubljana, Slovenia

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