Party time

September 9, 2017
Party time

Hey party people. Yes, I am talking to you. In fact, I am talking to that wild, bold, audacious part of you, that part who secretly dreams of wearing red lipstick and high heels (boys and girls included in here, no gender discrimination), who wants to dance all night long drinking shots of tequila. That part of you that deeply desires to say to your boss to shut the f*ck up and run out of the office, laughing and not caring at all. That part of you that wants to get out there and into the wild, to get dirty on country roads, seeing the sun rise, creating the memories of your life, not thinking about the ragweed and poison ivy rash you’ll get after sleeping with that guy in the field.

That part of you? That part of you seriously needs some fresh air. It needs more room, more space. It needs to breathe.

How long has it been since your last party?

When was the last time you hang out with that part? Can you remember your last happy dance? The last time your burst into laughter, unable to stop yourself?

I’m getting all nostalgic here, remembering back when I was ten when we were having sleepovers and had to keep laughing quietly to prevent waking up our parents. It was so damn hard to not laugh out loud, and sometimes we’d fail and see that big zombie coming our way to tell us to go to bed NOW. God, that was good, wasn’t it?

Now it’s time to get back at it. It is party time. Well at least in my home, since my boyfriend’s birthday is coming up. Time to inflate the balloons and bake some cake. It’s time to celebrate, eat and share. It’s time to let go and relax.

Just dance

I believe that’s what’s amazing about parties. Suddenly, nothing else matters. We are in the moment, having a great time. For once in our lives, we are seeing the glass half full. We stop worrying so much to simply enjoy. Doesn’t matter if we spill a bit of juice on the floor, we are on party mode. The messier the house, the better the party. How we used to measure ourselves doesn’t matter anymore.

I need more of that. I need that party like everyday. I mean, not the drinking part and late-nights, but the free spirit mindset. I need to not care so much about the little things, and enjoy the big picture.

Get on party mode right now

So, how can we get in party mode all the time?

I guess the first step is to simply work less. To stop looking for more things to do. That means accepting how scared I mean of emptiness, which often confronts me to the monsters in my head, because the more I push them away filling up my schedule, the less time I get to party.

I will soon be done with school, at least for now. End of school: party time right? Isn’t that great? Well, not yet. I am already thinking about how much more work I can fit in my schedule, and already thinking about applying for another graduate diploma.

There is no room for party in that plan. The freaking hamster needs to take a break and open up a beer.

Plan the party

That’s the kind of work I have to make room for in my schedule. That free time where I would get to pause and reflect. That space where I could meditate and connect.

Life goes by fast when we are not in control of our time and space. We can easily get caught up and rather sooner than later, we will have spent 10, 20 or even 30 years into a daily grind that neither feels expansive nor nourishing.

Get out of this mindset of work and hustle, of pushing and suffering. Stop complaining. Your thoughts, your words create your reality. Not really, but almost. What you think is what you get. Our brains are wired to see what we focus on. We can literally not see the great opportunity if we are only looking for the bad things happening.

Wire your brain to look for the party. Get really good at finding that Friday night open house, even on Monday morning.

Again, how do we do it?

Be the life of the party

Get back to what is a party. A party is a celebration. It’s full of fun. It usually brings joy. Start there. Focus on what brings you joy. One of the most powerful ways to make sure your life is always on party mode is to get aligned right off your bed (thanks Jess Lively for that!). Start your day with purpose. Before checking your Instagram account, your Facebook feed or your mail box, choose to do something that makes you happy. The usual tricks and tips you’ve seen before work: meditate, do yoga, journal. But don’t stay stuck with those: your priority is to get happy right off the bat. Bring the party into your morning. Be wild: shake it off with Britney, don’t be ashamed to laugh at others’ failures or dress up your cat so you have a friend to party with. The point is simply to bring more joy in your life, first thing in the morning.

That, my friends, is something more powerful than you can even imagine. If you can become that happy dancing man in the Viagra ad, then your job is done. The rest of the day is just bonus. From now on, your work is to keep feeding that burning fire, so that your sun shines until it sets.

Imagine if we were all working on that. Think about it for a second. Imagine how our world would be much more brighter. How many people are able to bring more of that high-quality joy into the world? Be one of those super-warriors, those miracle workers, who no matter what, keep on shining because of that Flashlight they own within.

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