Planting seeds

December 22, 2017
Planting seeds

It is an understatement to say that I am interested in astrology these days. Obsessed would be more a more accurate way to describe how I feel about our cosmos since the end of summer.  Pretty much like everything else I do, when I get into something,  I go all in. For the non-astrologers out there (which I am definitely part of), we went through some major shift this week as Saturn transitioned from Sagitarrius into Capricorn. Saturn moves slowly, not as slowly as Neptune or Pluto, but still. Saturn settles into a sign for about two to three years, bringing its energy that acts as a lens in the way we feel the sign it’s in.

In my chart, Saturn is coming back home to its original place, in the House of Communication, in Capricorn. It’s kind of a big deal for me. The last two years and a half have also been some of the most intense times of my life, as I was on the quest of finding my truth as well as some endeavour I could focus on for the next decades.

As you know, things did not unfold the way I thought they would, which is perfect in all its imperfections. Saturn in Sagitarrius fully revealed what I was clinging to, what was providing me comfort and security, the very same thing that was preventing me from evolving.


When the Sun shines

I think I got it, or at least some part of it. I am now ready to do the work, and be boss, in all areas of my life. Pumped by an amazing weekend spent with family and friends, with a head full of ideas and a body fully energized, I sat down on Monday night to write my intentions for the upcoming year. I like to pick a word that guides my experience throughout the year, and then I usually channel an intention for each lunar cycle. The big word for 2018 I received was MANIFEST, which came with the tagline  « What you want, you feel and you get ». More than excited about the infinite possibilites offered by this word and all the creative projects coming up in my mind, I started dreaming big. Like really, really big. Those were some pretty BHAG. Imagine making 10x more than you made this year. Imagine being in the shape of your life. Imagine wild, unexpected adventures. I was in for a big treat.

On the very same night, I was already visualizing my 2018 goals. I am a big dreamer. There is a whole world inside my head. Sky’s the limit in my mind. I enjoyed the rush of adrenaline of my new, liberated life. I am seeing myself traveling the world, working with wonderful creative gals, having the time of my life. I was thrilled and eager to test my newly-discovered magic on myself.


When the Moon responds

That lasted for about a day. Those shinny pennies goals were for sure nice things to get, but there was something missing. They were all about things moving forward, in a very yang energy. There were goals for my Sun, my ego. I had tried to ignore anything related to love and relationships, as if that was possible. It took no even 24 hours for the yin in me to show up and ask for its fair share. You can’t push aside your Moon.

I had to sit again and write down three other objectives, this time focusing on relationships. Following my heart, I chose one intention in relation to my friendships, one linked to taking care of my family and of course, one about my future husband. It was way harder than for the first three. Damn, I hate being vulnerable. I can of course project myself, get on the vibration of those goals, but I can’t contorl them. The energy of the Moon is all about sensing, listening, receiving. It takes two to tango.

“Still, the Moon is the soul of life” as Steven Forrest says. The Moon is the one that brings true happiness and fulfillment, not the shinny pennies and the Victoria Secret body (although I still want those as well). I hate how the Moon makes no sense, how it reminds me that I deeply desire to love and be loved, and that without that foundation nothing else is worth.


When the Universe comes into play

I now have six goals, but I am completely lost. Do I push, or do I wait? Do I focus on personal goals, or on taking care of others? The answer is both. You do both at the same time. The key is that there is a third area where I set intentions, one I had forgetten about too while writing my first draft. Beyond the self and the community you find the Universe. This almighty figure is what holds everything together. With all my personal goals, I felt very much in control of my own destiny. I was the one in power. I was the one performing the magic. With the three following goals, I was losing control. I was depending on some other to bring me joy. I was connecting, yet I needed that other to join me in that adventure. That third and final section of my intentions setting is where the magic truly happens. Those final goals are the most precious ones to me, so despite the strong potential for a vulnerability hangover tomorrow, I will break out of my secrecy and share them with you :

  • I am of service. The Universe is showing me the way.
  • I channel my work. I am the voice of the Universal Soul.
  • I care and heal using my unique gift – sharing.

What I love about them is that they have the power to guide me no matter what. I know that manifesting these goals will get me both the shinny pennies and the relationships I am fond of. I still need to set orientations in the first two categories, but I don’t have to worry anymore about the how. Those goals are the means and the end. In fact, I like them so much I think I might keep them for a little longer than a year. Let’s say maybe until Saturn transits again? Until then, I will use all the energy the planet of discipline, fears and challenges brings to the Capricorn, our hardworker in the zodiac, to make them happen.

Despite the snow, I am planting the seeds, using the Earth energy of the sign we’ve just entered. Over the next weeks, months, years, I plan on gardening a lot. In times when things don’t go my way, or whenever I doubt, I will remember Coldplay’s advice to just be patient, and don’t worry.

“No I don’t want to battle from beginning to end
I don’t want a cycle of recycled revenge
I don’t want to follow Death and all of his friends”

The seeds will grow, the flowers will blossom, if you let them be.

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