PR campaign

October 21, 2018
PR campaign

Do I look like a rabbit? Then how come I fall so often into one’s hole?

It begins with one innocent article on Stories. Followed by one more suggested at the bottom.

Then it’s over.

One article leads to another I bookmark as well, this opt-in is so great I can’t wait to finish the e-book, which links back to a whole new resource I didn’t know even existed.

The over-the-top consumption. The binge reading. The ultra marathon of YouTube videos watching.

Yes, that hole. That deep, deep hole of content intake.

I can’t stop myself.

The Internet is a vast land, and as more and more people are finding their tribe and building villages, I feel like a lone traveller who can’t settle at one place.

I’m clear on what I want to do. But when words becomes a commodity, a tool to sell more, in an era where basically every local hair stylist has a website and a content marketing strategy, how can I put out there an offer as a writer without having to know all about SEO, copywriting hacks and Instagram latest Ad stories?

So I splurge, and take it all in. As much as I can. I read, listen, watch, until my eyes get swollen and my ears start bleeding.

Except there is no end. It’s an open loop. I can never get to the bottom of it. There is always more to learn to stay ahead of the game.

Scratch that, not even ahead, just not too far behind.

Everyone’s fighting to find the famous G spot. No, not that one. Oh you, twisted minds, people have found that one and even produced toys that can hit it straight away, more about those over at lovegasm though. I’m talking about the first page of Google, my friends.

At this point there is only two options: I either keep going and eventually throw up, not wanting to hear one more word about marketing, or I give up and find another way.

I know so much about the first path, I’m ready to tickle something new. I’m about to leave the red ocean and surf on my own blue turf.

Screw the data. I’m making myself sick trying to force into my head all those numbers to calculate ROI.

Screw Google Analytics and all the keyword rankings, volume and metrics.

My passion has always been words. The vivid images, the beautiful sentences, the magical fables.

However the narratives I’m most fascinated about are not the fictive ones I create in my mind, they’re yours. If I had a million dollar, I would travel the word to tell the tale of those who live in a space where social media is not yet a strategy to connect with audiences, Facebook still a tool to reach friends in another country.

My favorite stories are those of entrepreneurs and creators, the ones who dare to start from scratch and build empires. These I not only want to tell, I want to take part in. As an active reporter, sharing what’s going onsite, what’s happening in the trenches. Full disclosure. Breaking the news.

There must be something to do with that. We could think of it as a way to connect those creative minds with people, their public. We can call it « relations with the publics ». Oh wait, even better, « Public relations ».

Oh wait, isn’t what’s written on that diploma with honors of mine?

Crazy how we were so close to it, and then got lost again into the BS of metrics and the illusion of control the mind keeps craving.

Don’t get discouraged. We can still do it.

There is a possibility to change the matrix, to put ourselves out there in a genuine way, using the mind only as a guide to tweak the message of our screaming heart without burying ourselves under data that crushes our soul.

As Marie Forleo says, your voice matters. Your message matters. Don’t let all that marketing banter distract you from your mission: you’ve got something special to offer. Your creative self has something to express. And if you follow this strong calling of yours, people will show up to help along the way. If you put in all your heart, throw in there all your energy and resources, brood it with love and attention, and dare to speak your truth, it will resonate.

What you gotta do is show up. Keep showing up. Even without knowledge and experience about the ins and outs of web marketing and social media strategies, the practice of showing up will take you somewhere. Your dedication and consistency will speak for themselves.

Like a yoga instructor who comes in to an empty class and still teaches, put your faith in the process. Your signal will get stronger. You will become magnetic. You will find your tribe. Or even better, your tribe will find you.

I’m here to help. Telling stories is my shit sandwich. If you feel as keen about your craft, your business or your creative endeavor as I am about words and sharing the love, and are looking for some guidance or assistance, go ahead and email me. Let’s see if we can set up that PR (Pure Relationships) campaign of yours.

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