Smells like team spirit

April 7, 2019
Smells like team spirit

Ever heard of after-Easter Halloween candies? 

It’s probably because I’m the only kiddo to ever have practiced delayed gratification at 6. 

See, I wanted to make sure I’d have candy all through the year. In order to do so,  I’d separate my Halloween candies into two bags: one I could splurge on as much as I felt like, and the other one well-hidden in my wardrobe I was to take out only after Easter and that would last me until next Halloween.

I know, very Virgo of me, all this planning ahead. Never mind that my sister was there to screw up my plan and eat all the chocolate bars before I get to them. 

Knowing this, are you surprised I get as excited about retirement plans at 29 as I was about my post-Easter candies at 7? 

It never been more present than nowadays. With the freedom of working for myself comes the realization I can make money on demand. I can work as many hours as I want and my income will follow. I’ve morphed into a money-making machine. 

And what is there to do with all that extra money when your main pleasures evolve around taking walks, practicing yoga at home and reading books? 

Buy yourself independence for the days you won’t want to work as hard, aka when you’ll be 40.

So I started planning. How much more can I save? How minimalist can I go without feeling deprived? How much work can I do if I push myself a little bit more?

I fixed my targets, and knew I’d reached my goals.

If it wasn’t for this hiccup. 

I don’t feel like doing it alone. 

Yes, I could become rich faster, and keep doubling my income. But it means nothing if I’m in it all by myself. 

I’ve been blessed with the many fortunate encounters I’ve had over the past couple of years. Wonderful people I can’t imagine my life without now. Who bring me so much joy my heart’s about to explode.

I’ve never had that much fun working. I never thought it could be possible to leave work at the end of the day feeling so pumped. How many people have the privilege to look forward to getting to the office in the morning? How many are excited about working on weekends? 

What was once something I felt like I needed to finish ASAP to get back to my precious leisure time now feels like leisure itself, even though I’ve never worked as hard and as much in my life. Actually, it feels quite good to get challenged on a daily basis. 

What makes it so magical? Having found my people.

Strong and loving connections make the late-evening rush and the weekend homework feel like vacation.  

And you know what? The results are impressive as well. Think 10x results. Magnified projects I could never accomplish by myself.     

So I’m slowly shifting gears. Yes, I could make more money on the short-term if I was to go solo. But as corny as it sounds, the joy and happiness and fulfillment of spending your day with people you love and admire, serving clients you respect and desire to elevate, is worth so much more than a few dozen extra Ks and early retirement.

I’m becoming the true administrator of my life, defining your own KPIs. Not so much in my head anymore, leading with my whole heart.  

The taste of pure joy? Eating all the chocolate bars before Christmas. The fragrance of success? Smells a lot like team spirit. 

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