Snapchat and all of its friends

April 15, 2016
Snapchat and all of its friends

I’m not on Snapchat. Yet. Because maybe, due to the growing popularity of this social media, I will eventually get there, as more and more people start using it. I am not an early adopter, at least when it comes to social media, and I am proud of it.

Maybe I shouldn’t. After all, I am a communications advisor, and I have to rock when it comes to these things, so here’s the deal: I do make sure I know about new trends, and keep myself up to date (well, I try to) with all that jazz about connecting more and more through social media. But you know what? I’m getting old, and I’m getting tired of being connected through multiple devices.

Get me right: I am not against technology. In fact, I believe in its power, and I am amazed by the augmented life we are experiencing these days. Last Sunday, doing errands with my boyfriend felt like being part of the movie ‘Back to the future’. I first wanted to deposit some money, which I did without even having to count anything: the bank machine was doing everything, following the light tap of my finger. And I’m still outdated, since now you simply have to take a picture of your check to get it deposit. Then at the library, after having carefully chosen my books, it only took two seconds to scan all my books: what looked like a neat table mat next to the computer demagnetized the book and added them to my record automatically, even if they were all piled up one on top of the other. Our last stop at the grocery store was also made much faster with the use of the tap and pay on my credit card, which allowed us to make sure our precious ice cream wouldn’t melt as we were waiting in line on that busy grocery shopping day.

I love how technology makes our lives so much easier. I love how it automates trivial duties so that humans can make better use of their time and focus on creative tasks. And I love how it helps find solutions to some key issues such as environmental protection and health diseases.

However, just like an impressing economic growth lead us to consider more and more sustainability as we kept on developing our countries, we have to ask ourselves if progress in technology is always a good thing.

Of course, that question cannot be answered by a single ‘yes’ or ‘no’. When talking about technology, we also have to consider sustainability, as well as humanity. In my case, the assessment criteria are simple: does it improve my life quality? Does it allow me to connect more, to spend more time with the ones I love? Does it help me share what I consider to be important, may it me reflections, moments, joys?

Snapchat is great, and fun. I am impressed by how cool that app is, and how many things you can do with it. But the time spent taking a picture, shooting a video, adding some text and drawing on it, would mean less of that precious time off work spent with my family and friends. All that time spent telling others about ‘My story’ would mean less of that precious time spent living it fully. A snapshot of what I am doing now is not the same as describing to you how I am trying to embrace the present moment.

I do want to tell you all about my life, wishing it will inspire you, but these things take time. It takes time to find out about how to be in the present moment, to find out about how to be authentic, to find out about how you want to me so that you can share it with conviction. That’s why I still believe in disconnecting to reconnect to ourselves, to take time off to reflect, to experience and fail, and why I am choosing to take the time to write to you once a week. That will be ‘My story’. Thank you for your patience in this fast-paced world, I hope it will be worth it.

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